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Christmas in Japan

When did the Japanese start celebrating Christmas? After the famous missionary named Francis Xavier came to Japan in 1549, they started to spread the Christian faith. In the record of “日本通信”, it’s written that the missionary, Cosme de Torres, inv... More... 78 Comments

Obon is the Festival of the Dead

Origins of Obon Obon’s official name is “盂蘭盆会” (Urabonneh).  The period of welcoming ancestors’ spirits and having a memorial service for them is called “Obon”. Urabonneh originally means “hanging upside down” in Indian Sanskrit which was then t... More... 125 Comments

Omiyamairi: Baby's first trip to the shrine

What is Omiyamairi? Omiyamairi (Shrine Visiting) is the practice of visiting a shrine to announce a baby’s birth, and to pray to the local God of fertility called “Ubusunagami “ for the baby’s healthy growth. We pray to the god to protect the b... More... 56 Comments

Power up your User Score!

Power up your User Score! A few months ago, we added the randomized testing section to our Japanese Testing suite. It's been so popular (even more so than the full testing version) that we've had to change the way that we calculate your user scor... More... 75 Comments

Golden Week: A week of holidays in Japan!

One of the biggest holidays in Japan is called Golden Week (GW) and starts  around the end of April to early May. It usually continues for a week, starting from the 29th of April to the 5th of May.  Golden Week is generally thought of as a single... More... 53 Comments

Hina Matsuri - Doll's Festival in Japan

Hina Matsuri, held on the 3rd of March, is a festival for little girls. Its origins are in the seasonal event called "Jyoshi (上巳 じょうし/じょうみ)" which means "the Day of the Serpent," which occurs in early March. Eventually, in order to keep the date o... More... 51 Comments

Server Outage: April 28th

We're sorry to inform you that we had a slight server outage yesterday from 8pm until 12am EST. I was installing some new security features on the server, and apparently they prevented anyone from getting access to the site. I'm very sorry for ... More... 62 Comments

Cooking with Japanese: Tofu Steak

This dish is healthy and easy to cook!! We have many ways to cook Tofu steak in Japan. I am going to introduce Tofu steak covered in grated Chinese yams. Chinese yams have a mild flavor and are quite delicious. Please try it.   Ingredi... More... 60 Comments

Valentine's Day in Japan

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Here in Japan, Valentine’s Day is as big if not bigger event than in the west! Valentine’s Day in Japan started in the 70’s as a day for women to declare their love to men by giving chocolate What do m... More... 54 Comments

Customized Japanese Quizes-- START!

We (I) here at Ippatsu am (are) proud to announce the release of our new custom Japanese testing system! Starting today, users can practice with Japanese quizes collected from all of Ippatsu, which includes questions from past Japanese Proficienc... More... 105 Comments

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