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Master Japanese!

Most Japanese instruction is focused on the average learner of Japanese. Unfortunately, there is no average learner of Japanese. We all have different goals:

  • to speak fluently
  • to read novels
  • to work in Japan
  • to read manga
  • to watch unsubbed anime
You should study the Japanese appropriate to your goals, optimized for your level, at your pace. Ippatsu has learning materials for manga and anime, for business Japanese, and for proficiency exams.


Japanese is a living language. Unfortunately for many textbooks, it has evolved faster than they have published. Many texts are riddled with mistakes or horribly out-dated Japanese, such as using "shashinki" for "camera". While that might have been appropriate in the Showa Era, modern Japanese call it a "kamera". Don't look like an idiot foreigner. Use our lessons which have been checked by native speakers.

Practice Tests

Studying Japanese is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work. In particular, you'll need to practice, practice, and practice again. That is why we have practice tests, to measure your progress and make lessons stick.
Test questions are taken from lessons, examples from text books, and even past Japanese proficiency exams.


Vocabulary is the key to success

My Japanese teacher always told me that vocabulary is the key to success, and after having to use my Japanese in real life situations, I can attest to the truth of that.
If you know the words and are weak on grammar, you can get your meaning across. If you know the grammar and lack the words, you cannot communicate effectively.

That is why Ippatsu gives you thousands of words, phrases, and kanji, all sorted by level and packaged for easy memorization and review. Our flashcard testing system shows you what words you're having trouble with and which cards you have down cold. This saves you time and increases retention.

Can't find something you want to study in our pre-made flashcard packs? Why not make your own, and customize how you want to study, and what you want to study? We're all about helping you on YOUR path to learning Japanese, and we give you the freedom to do what you want.

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