About Ippatsu

Ippatsu was created to fill a void that we had found in the online Japanese study community. More often than not, Japanese study sites provide only a single aspect of the Japanese language to the user -- whether that be flashcards, reading practice or community forums.

Here at Ippatsu, we would like to provide our users with a well-rounded & full experience that will aid them in learning Japanese. We've been down that road, and we won't stop half-way.

Whereas there is often a dearth of learning materials for advanced learners, we want to provide materials for all levels of students -- especially students who can't find materials in other places online, or are confused about where to go next.

Open to Suggestions

We're always open to suggestions for new material, or for ideas on how to improve our site. Drop us a line, and let us know what you would like to see from Ippatsu @ japanesetesting.com!