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Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Transitive, not Transvestite! Outline Transitive and Intransitive Verbs Pay attention to particles! Transitive and Intransitive Verbs In Japanese, sometimes there are two types of the same verb often referred to as... More... 16 Comments

Verb-related particles

Particles Reloaded Outline Particles used with verbs The direct object 「を」 particle The target 「に」 particle The directional 「へ」 particle The contextual 「で」 particle When location is the topic When direct object is the topic ... More... 23 Comments

Past Tense Verb Conjugations

It's all in the past Outline Changing verbs to the past tense Past tense for ru-verbs Past tense for u-verbs Past-negative tense for all verbs Changing verbs to the past tense We will finish defining all the basi... More... 24 Comments

The Negative Tense of Verbs

Sometimes you have to be negative Outline Negating verbs Conjugating verbs into the negative Negating verbs Now that we've seen how to declare things and perform actions with verbs, we want to be able to say the ne... More... 24 Comments

Verb Basics

Let's do stuff with verbs! Outline Role of Verbs Classifying verbs into ru-verbs and u-verbs Appendix: iru/eru u-verbs Role of Verbs We've now learned how to describe nouns in various ways with other nouns and adj... More... 15 Comments

Adjectives Explained

Beautiful, is an Adjective Outline Properties of Adjectives The na-adjective The i-adjective An annoying exception Properties of Adjectives Now that we can connect two nouns together in various ways using particl... More... 13 Comments

The Major Particles

Practical Particular Particles Outline Defining grammatical functions with particles The 「は」 topic particle The 「も」 inclusive topic particle The 「が」 identifier particle Defining grammatical functions with particles ... More... 20 Comments

Expressing state-of-being

Because I said so! Outline Declaring something is so and so using 「だ」 Conjugating for the negative state-of-being Conjugating for the past state-of-being To sum up Declaring something is so and so using 「だ」 One o... More... 19 Comments


ひらがな Outline What is Hiragana? The Muddied Sounds The Small 「や」、「ゆ」、and 「よ」 The Small 「つ」 The Long Vowel Sound What is Hiragana? Hiragana is the basic Japanese phonetic alphabet. It represents every sound in th... More... 14 Comments


Now you want me to learn Chinese too?? Outline What is Kanji? Learning Kanji Reading Kanji Why Kanji? What is Kanji? In Japanese, nouns and stems of adjectives and verbs are almost all written in Chinese characte... More... 14 Comments

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